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Emergency Dentistry NON-STOP "on call"

Forever Smile - NON STOP Bucharest Dental Clinic ready to take over dental emergencies both during the program and outside working hours. The service is available for adults and children alike.

Specialty Consultations

Our team offers consultations in all branches of dentistry.


With the help of descaling, air-flow and professional brushing, your smile will be impeccable again, without unsightly stains and colorations that deposit over time. It's recommended

every 6 months.


Medium and sometimes deep superficial caries can be repaired by means of aesthetic fillings of composite.


Deep caries that can no longer be repaired with a simple filling, require canal treatment, more precisely canal canal filling.



Fixed works such as (crown, dental bridge, veneer, inlay) that restore great damaged teeth.

Mobile works (partial or total prostheses) and

Semi-mobile works depending on the case and treatment options.

Surgery and Implantology

Extractable teeth extractions, mental molar extractions, apical resections, guided bone regenerations, bone additions, sinus-lifting, dental implants


Commonly known as "periodontitis", periodontal disease can be slowed by evolution through treatments related to this branch of dentistry. Curettages in closed or open field, subgingival descaling

Pediatric dentistry

Pain-free treatments specially adapted for children.

Dental Cosmetics

Through professional whitening, dental jewelry or veneers you can get the smile you dream of "Hollywood Smile"


Orthodontics and facial orthopedics is the specialization that deals with the correction of the position of the teeth and the development of the jaws.


This facility offers you the comfort and safety of a quality result, without having to go elsewhere to perform x-rays during treatment.

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